A Mixed Birth Story

Even though Jacob is now 3 months old I really felt I wanted to write about his birth. I haven’t been the luckiest when it comes to giving birth, and I feel its really affected me in some ways, and I think writing it down and sharing it would really help me, and perhaps other mums who haven’t been so lucky in the birthing department!

I had been getting really frequent Braxton hicks for a good couple of weeks leading up to my due date, a long with some other labour preparation symptoms such as, a funny tummy, loss of the gruesome mucous plug, my bump dropping, and the baby engaging (although we all know they can do this weeks before the big day!).

Finlay was born on his due date, so I knew this time round it would be really unlikely that this little one would come on his. As my due date came (6th of October).. And went, I entered into the “this baby is never going to come, and I will kill the next person to say I’m ready to pop” mind set, so in order to cheer me up the next evening, Jack decided we would all go for dinner, after all it would probably be the last one as a family of 3! It was a really lovely way to take my mind off the fact that I was bigger than a whale, and just take my mind off of the constant self torture of just waiting for something to happen.

3.30am 7th of October

I woke up around this time every night for about 2 months with just generally being uncomfortable and needing to pee! However, this time, I was woken by an awful pain in my lower stomach just below my bump, and it really is so true when they say “you will know when it starts”. Boy did I know! The pain was bearable, but I just knew that this was it! Off I went downstairs to my sleeping husband (He was sleeping downstairs because pregnancy apparently makes me snore. A lot.) “THIS IS IT!!”.

So between my contractions, which were coming around every 5-10 minutes, I managed to phone the hospital, and begin to get some bits together, and about 30 minutes later I was ready to go! Oh but apparently I just had to wait a bit longer whilst Jack took a shower… WHAT! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?

An hour later we were finally in the car, toddler in tow, making our way to my parents who luckily only live 2 minutes away from the hospital we were heading to. In the car I phoned them (30 times) to let them know we were on our way with Finlay, it took them a while to hear the phone! During the car journey the contractions were getting so strong, and getting really close together, I remember grabbing Jacks hand on the gear stick and just digging my nails into his hand! Poor guy!

We finally arrived at the delivery suite about 4.45am, to which we were greeted by a midwife who then showed us to our room. Am I the only one who really hates hospital rooms? I find them so eerie! By this point I’m barely able to stand, but sitting down seemed to hurt so much more! I was then asked by a midwife to follow her so she could weigh me. At this point no one had checked how far a long I was and I kept kidding myself that the contractions were further apart than they actually were, it was on the way back to the room the midwife said “they seem quite close together”. I think I’d done well by this point, it was painful beyond belief but I wasn’t screaming for the epidural like last time! I had spent about 5 minutes back in the room, when I suddenly got the urge to push, I told (screamed at) Jack to go get the midwife, to which she finally checked to see how I was doing. “Ah no wonder you need to push, 9cm and the only thing holding baby back is your waters”. I can honestly not explain how amazing that feels, I had been there 30 minutes and was about to have a baby! I really had prepared myself for the long haul as Fin took 12 hours to come, so to be in labour for 2 hours really was a bonus!

The pushing part was really quite easy, but this is when I was finally given gas and air – I was so chuffed I’d gotten that far without a single thing! He got a little stuck, I think they called it Shoulder Dystocia, but it was just for a second, and then he was out, I’m sure it was so much quicker because I didn’t have the epidural, and it was better in a way to be able to feel whether my pushing was doing anything, unlike last time where I was pushing but it wasn’t really doing much. My beautiful baby boy finally entered the world at 5.43am weighing 9lb exactly! It is so true when they say the pain just completely goes, that awful, excruciating pain just gone like that! Me and Jack both cried this time, I think it was because he could see how painful it was this time, where as last time, I had had the epidural so it was relatively calm and quiet. It was such an amazing and just perfect birth.


And then came the terrifying part. I was bleeding again, and I could see the same old familiar face of panic on the midwifes face set in, and before I knew it there were around 8 people in the room. Jacob was quickly whisked off of me and given to Jack, who bless his heart looked in shock, and I had two anaesthetists on each arm trying desperately to get some cannulas in before my veins shut down, the midwife just frantically rubbing my stomach, I was given 3 injections into my thighs, and given a pessary, all in attempt to get my uterus to contract back. Something it should do on its own after the placenta is delivered. After this part it all gets hazy, and all I can remember is being rushed into theatre and a midwife holding my hand telling me that it was going to be ok and that Jacob was fine, and then I was out. I had to be taken to theatre to clear some blood clots to stop the bleeding and get sewn up. I was out for a couple of hours and then woke up in the recovery room, and although it was completely under control, and they had me in theatre within 15 minutes, it was scary. You cant help but go over the what ifs, and I get so sad that yet again I wasn’t able to give my baby his first feed, or get that important picture together just after birth. I missed the first 2/3 hours of his life, and that’s something I struggle with.

I can only imagine how Jack felt whilst all this was happening but he was so supportive, and just got on with looking after Jacob. I think being thrown in like that can be so daunting, especially as no one was really helping him with all the commotion going on! He was amazing!


This is my first photo with Jacob. I’m the size of a whale due to all the fluid they had to pump into me to replace the blood, and I felt like I’d undergone 10 rounds of plastic surgery simultaneously, but despite all of that, it was worth every single second.

To the midwife that held my hand until I fell asleep – Thank you. A lot of NHS staff don’t get enough credit, but to you, I cannot thank you enough for not only delivering my baby, but for being a hand to hold, and the voice of reassurance in one of the scariest moments of my life.

Jacob Mcloughlin | 9lb | 5.43am


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{The Ordinary Moments 16} #3 – Our Ordinary

I don’t know about anyone else but as soon as one person becomes poorly in our household, it’s suddenly just a downwards spiral until we have all been taken down by the lurgy! This time I was first, then Jack, and now Fin. When you’re poorly the last thing you want to do is have to run around after the hyper toddler, and meet the demands of a baby. It’s tough enough when you’re at your best, let alone when you feel you cant physically look after yourself!

Which is why we are so lucky to have such supportive parents, and both sets offered to have one child each for the night! Fin went to Jacks parents and Jacob went to mine. We were so grateful and I felt so much better for one day not having to worry about endless nappy changes, bottles, lunches, dinners, having to constantly tell the toddler to get off of the windowsill (atleast 10 times a day). Instead we were able to just lay on the sofa and catch up on rubbish TV, I even managed to have a bath at about 6pm!! Unheard of! It was just nice to relax.

However as much as not having the children around is nice at times, especially when you’re ill. Its quiet, too quiet. There is just something about having children in the house that suddenly makes it become a home. Yes, my house becomes a playground, and the show home I would like, is more to the standard of a grubby looking soft play area, but its my home, our home. It’s a place filled with memories such as first steps, first words, first smiles. Although the idea of sitting on my sofa watching Netflix is beyond a dream, where’s the meaning? Where’s my reason? My washing pile is never ending, it overflows daily, but where would I be without getting my babies into their adorable little pyjamas and co-ordinating outfits each day? My walls would be crisp, and the paint would never be scratched, my carpets would be the same colour as the day they were fitted, and I wouldn’t have to dodge bath toys during my relaxing bath. But I like the red stains on my wall from my toddler driving his cars up and down it, I like the little stain from where my toddler decides chocolate hand prints would look really good there, and I like that I stare at bath toys in my relaxing bath because I see his face, the face of wonder and innocence, the face that learns from everything he touches, the face of pure happiness.

A break is more than welcomed from time to time, but each time it happens, I miss them. Although they are only gone for one night, my home becomes just a house, the meaning in my day suddenly becomes irrelevant, and that’s when you realise what being a parent is. They are my reason, and although our house, and our family are just like any other ordinary family. It is our ordinary, and to me that makes them so wonderfully extraordinary.


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A Little Tour Of Finlays Bedroom

I love reading these posts and seeing all the different ways parents have decorated their little ones rooms, so I thought I would give it a go and show you all Finlays little bedroom (which we have decorated about 20 times). I am just never happy and always have different ideas of how I would like it!

I will do one of Jacobs Nursery soon, but for now it is covered with junk as its currently unused with Jacob still being in our room!

Blog 1

I love the Giraffe wall sticker we’ve put in! Its from Next and matches most things in his room!

Cot bed from Mothercare
Bedding from Tesco

Blog 3

I still haven’t gotten around to filling these gorgeous frames from Mothercares Tusk range! I love them and they go really well with the Jungle theme we were going for! We painted these little shelves ourselves from The Range.
Canvases from Next.

Blog 5

We have built in wardrobes in all four of the bedrooms which is so handy and really saves space. However we haven’t gotten around to replacing the doors on them and they are so ugly to look at! Hopefully a job for this year!

Blog 6

I think this candle is absolutely adorable! My mum bought both Fin and Jacob one, they smell just like babies! Everybody the loves the smell of babies!

Blog 7

When Fin was born, which was November 13, my aunty bought him a Harrods bear for Christmas! I love it and think its such a beautiful gift for him to keep always. She’s also just bought Jacob one for his first Christmas!

The photo frame actually has Finlays hand print next to the photo and I think it was from Mothercare! It was given to me as a gift when he was born and I think its just so lovely and personal!

Blog 8

Finlay sleeps with his Jellycat bunny that his nanny bought for him when he was a tiny baby! He loves it, I think they are just so cute!


This is by far my favourite part of Fins room! I absolutely love these wall stickers which we got from Ebay! They were so cheap (around £8) and they are absolutely huge!

I absolutely love to decorate the boys rooms and buy just little bits and pieces! I’m sure we’ll have a different theme come next year!



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Our First ‘Siblings Project’ Post

I have been reading many amazing blogs such as Dear Beautiful, MummyDaddyMe, and Bump to Baby. All have such amazing posts, and one that has caught my eye time and time again is the Siblings Project, and even more so now that I have 2 little boys! I feel I can relate to them so much more, and understand how truly wonderful it is to watch your children grow together. The similarities, the differences, the bond. Its just such an amazing time, so I decided that I would quite like to join this little project!

As it’s my first post, and am now on month 3 since my littlest baby entered the world, I thought I would write about how I feel their bond has grown over this time since he was born.

Finlay has adored his little brother Jacob literally from the moment he laid eyes on him. He has such a gentle and kind personality, he has wanted to hold him from day one, give him massive kisses, and stroke his little head. I could not have been any prouder. My heart was so full of love for my two little boys, and Finlay being so kind and gentle with him just completely topped it all off. I think every parent worries how their children will react to a new sibling. I know I definitely did! Constant worries about whether he would feel left out or as if he’d been replaced. But truth be told, I think he completely relishes in the big brother role, and couldn’t be happier about it!

As Jacob is becoming a little bigger and more aware, I can slowly begin to see that precious bond grow. Jacob loves it when Finlay comes over to him in his little chair to talk to him, he is all smiles and giggles when his big brother is in view. Finlay is forever bringing him toys and trying to get him to join in with his little games. I think its so hard for a toddler to comprehend babies are too small, but luckily he seems to just take it if I say Jacob cant do something.

I have to say I think the one moment that has just completely stood out during these 3 months is when Jacob was so upset whilst waiting for a bottle, and I was obviously busy trying to do this as quickly as I could, that I just left him to cry for a bit. Then it happened, and it was like I was watching in slow motion. Finlay just rushed over to Jacob, put his little hand on his head and continued to stroke his hair, all whilst shushing him and trying to put his dummy in. It’s then when I had one of those “we’ve done good” moments.

I could not be any prouder of my two special little boys, and I cannot wait to see them grow and become the best of friends.





The Me and Mine Project
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