{The Ordinary Moments 16} #7 – A NOT SO ORDINARY WEEK.

I have previously written about the past week and the difficulties in it, but I don’t feel I could really write about anything else this week, as it’s been pretty focused around some awful news we were given about my grandad. Over the last week we’ve felt so many emotions and have gone from a quick hospital stay for him, to being given just weeks left with him. News like this just stops life for a while.

What do you do with news like this? I know life can’t stop, because I have two very young children who don’t understand if mummy is acting a little off, and therefore I just need to carry on as normal, and somedays its easier to do that, but then other days, well, they really are quite daunting. I’m struggling to see my family go through such heartbreak, and I’ve really been trying to see them much more than previously, which is quite awful to say really. I know it shouldn’t take something so awful as this to make you realise you haven’t been around much, but life has very much been quite hectic, and with having younger ones sometimes its not so easy to do that.

So this week has been very out of the ordinary, and so will the coming weeks, sometimes writing it down helps with these heart breaking moments. My main focus at the moment is to be there, and spend whatever time I can with a man who so selflessly loves all of his family so open heartedly. Time is so precious.


Chloe x

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I love living room spaces, it is definitely our most used room, and although with two children around, I do try my best to keep this space as tidy as possible. We have a playroom just off of this room so at times it can get really untidy, but I’m hoping that once we have our extension done I can really concentrate on decorating this room, I really feel at the moment is just become a little dated, and there are lots of wear and tear bits and pieces I really want sorted.

Once we have our new extension this living space will become much more of a neat and tidy room as we are adding another living space which we will use more as an every day living room where the boys can play with their toys and do whatever they wish! I’m so excited to get it done and will be doing before and after posts of all the rooms which we are changing, eeek! New Kitchen!!

I thought I’d do a little tour as at the moment this is really the only room I feel is acceptable to photograph.


WINDOW SOFAWINDOWframephotosWINDOW BIGWILLOW TREEWORDSmarriage frameflowerswall framessofaswing


Chloe x


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Being new to the blogging world, I obviously haven’t kept a little diary of how my little boys are growing, so I thought I would begin now, as a way for me to look backĀ  and see what their little personalities are like at certain ages. They are growing far too quickly and I want to remember so much of their little lives.

My biggest boy. My first baby, the one who I’m learning with every single day about how parenting goes, and what I should and shouldn’t be doing. He is the one teaching me this whole parenting malarkey. I must say he is an angel (most of the time). We have been going through a bit of a tough stage, with tantrums coming from all directions, screaming, the good ol’ toddler selective hearing, and just general toddler behaviour, but I must say that it is quite rare and more often than not he is an absolute angel.

Finlay has always been such a brilliant eater, and I’m really pleased to be able to say that he still is. We luckily haven’t reached the picky eating stage, and I’m hoping we are the lucky few who don’t! My boy will literally eat anything that’s put in front of him, and I have to say that fruit is definitely at the top of his must haves! (Along with kinder eggs) woops! He is feeding himself most of the time, but I have to admitt I’m awful for feeding him when we have spaghetti Bolognese and messy things like that! I think I’ve just gotten myself in a bad habit!

I’ve really noticed Finlays speech is coming on so well, he can say lots of words, and is now putting sentences together, however there are some words where he cant quite get to grips with the sounds of the letters, but things like this never worry me as I know all little ones learn things at their own pace. Finlay hasn’t started nursery yet, but we have FINALLY booked him a place in September. We left it a little too late, and the waiting lists for nurseries in the town I live in is ridiculous. I cant wait for him to start, I think he is so ready, and I think it will build his confidence no end. Finlay is very shy when it comes to meeting new people and tends to hold back a lot, something I think he gets from me! I really think nursery will help this and help him to feel a little more confident in front of others.

Dancing and singing is something Finlay absolutely adores and is definitely taking daddys taste in music! He absolutely loves take that (my husband will kill me for that), but its so sweet! he can actually sing the words, and follow the tune of the music, he’s also really clever at picking up dance routines! Something I think is really quite clever for his age, to be able to copy what the people are doing in the music videos is quite hard, I don’t even think I could do!

I am so so proud of how he is growing and the kind hearted person he is becoming. I cannot believe just how quickly he is growing up. I wish I could just stop time and have him at this age forever. He really is such a sweetie.


Chloe x

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Heartbreaking News.

How do you really ever come to terms with the fact a loved one is dying? This week me and my family were faced with the heart wrenching news that my dear grandad didn’t have much longer left with us. I really don’t think there’s anything in the world that can prepare you for news like that. When you’re told someone you love soon wont be here, you can really feel your heart break. I’ve had my fair share of loss throughout the years, and I can say that it never ever gets easier to hear. If anything I feel it worse each time.

I’m a big worrier, but not about myself. About the people around me, and to see them suffer in such a way really knocks it out of me. I hate to see so many people hurting. Nothing compares to hurt you see for someone who is struggling, frightened, and genuinely lost. Seeing your parents upset and hurting is something that will never be easy to see, you question how strong you can be for them, when all of your life they have been the strong ones, but you have to be, you have to be there for them. I have two very small children who of course don’t understand anything is wrong, and rightly so that they shouldn’t see us upset. However that doesn’t make hiding it any easier.

When you’re given such devastating news you begin to question if you were there enough, or if you did enough for that person. There are so many things you go over in your head and question if you should’ve done differently. So many scenarios that sometimes you wish had gone a different way. This week has taught me that life is far too short to continuously worry about the small things. The small things don’t matter in hindsight.

I will be holding my loved ones a little tighter, for a little longer.

Chloe x

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