My Early Miscarriage Experience

I was a little unsure whether to post this or not. It’s something that is extremely personal to both me and my husband, and if I’m honest not many people knew, I’m not really sure how many know now, because as time went on and I had my two boys, it was much easier to talk about the experience. However, I’ve come to the decision that I do want to share it, and I hope that it may bring a little comfort to anyone who has been through this awful experience before, that they aren’t alone, it wasn’t their fault, and there is always someone who gets it.

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My Top 5 Ways To Amuse The Kids

I seem to always get stuck with what to do with my little brood to keep them amused and content, as if I’m being honest, Finlay especially is a child that very much needs constant stimulation if not he begins to get a little bored, fed up, and ends up being a bit naughty in order to get that attention, I’m not sure if it’s a first child thing? Jacob is very happy to just potter around amusing himself with his toys etc, but I absolutely love to get out and take them places so we can do different activities to keep them both amused, but lets be honest, you cannot go out every single day, and at times I’m afraid my little darlings will just have to be bored. Even though that does mean I end up suffering the cabin fever consequences!

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The Siblings Project | January

It’s been almost a year since I’ve joined in with the Siblings Project, but with the new year here, and one of my goals being to really commit to my blog this year, I really want to start up with it again as it is definitely one of my favourites!

I love to watch my two little ones growing and bonding together, and now that Jacob is getting older, I can really see the bond growing more and more. Jacob is absolutely obsessed with Finlay, he finds him hilarious, and watches him in awe at everything he does, even the naughty things! They are definitely growing into a team who love to run mummy and daddy raggered, and as hard as the days can seem with them both teaming up to take mummy and daddy down. It’s extremely heart warming to see them get along and just enjoy time with each other.

I often catch these two up to no good, jumping on the sofa is a favourite at the moment, and as soon as I enter the room they both disperse, full of cheeky laughter, because they know full well mummy says no! I’ve noticed more recently that if one does something naughty and has been told, the other will often copy with a slight smile on their face as if to say “this’ll really get her knickers in a twist.” Which all too often I can find myself getting frustrated by them both, but at the end of the day they are both little babies still, learning & growing, and as hard as it really is, I wouldn’t change these two cheeky little men ever.

I’ve noticed Finlay is still a bit stingey on the sharing side, which we try really hard to discourage and involve them both in what we’re doing, but at times I understand it’s hard for Fin as Jacob still doesn’t quite understand that he cant have whatever he likes when he likes and on the same token Jacob will be playing away nicely and suddenly Finlay decides he needs that toy too. I don’t think sharing is quite there yet with these two little men, but I am definitely seeing it get better and better, Finlay is slowing understanding that Jacob is still very tiny, as I believe Jacob is beginning to grasp not everything is his!

Since having our garage converted to a dining space we really try and eat all our meals at the table, and if me and Jack don’t have dinner at the same time as the boys then I will always make sure they sit at the table together. I think this is a time where I really see these two bonding. It’s like they have little inside jokes with each other and I will often catch them giggling and making their own little jokes (coaxing each other not to eat tea so mummy gets moody), I really could sit and watch them for hours.

That’s my boys for this month, I cant wait to see how they grow in this next month!



The Me and Mine Project

Chloe x

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Our Christmas 2016

I cant believe we’re already in the middle of January! Its taken me so long to finally get around to sorting my photos and footage from Christmas, with all that life entails on a day to day basis!

This year we hosted Christmas at our house as we’ve just had our garage converted to a kitchen/dining room, so we now have more than enough space for both our families to come over which was lovely. I just absolutely love being with the whole family at Christmas, it makes it so special to spend the days with them & the children. Our two are the youngest by quite a bit in our family so I think it brings the magic back into it for everyone!

Finlay is 3 now, and this year he was SO excited about the whole thing. I felt he really started to get an understanding of what was going on & understanding the magic in Christmas. Of course he was super excited about anything to do with the word presents, although he actually loved opening them more than the actual toys? I blame those ridiculous YouTube videos he watches on repeat (does anyone elses child watch people unwrapping kinder eggs by the way? It’s actually a thing!!). This year though, presents aside, he absolutely loved spending so much time with his whole family, he just loves all the attention, people to play with, talk to, he’s very much a family boy & I love to watch it.

Jacob however, as he is still so little didn’t have a clue bless him and is still very much at the give him a cardboard box and he’s done for the day age. Again though it’s so lovely to see him with all the family getting lots of attention and people to play with all the time, I cant wait to see him next year when I think he’ll really begin to get into it all.

As much as I do adore Christmas, I’m always ready at the end of it to begin our New Year with a new outlook & get back into a routine!

Here are our photos from our Christmas, I also managed to vlog our Christmas too!



Chloe x

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