March Holiday Lust List

holiday lustb

So I’ve seen a few of these around on other blogs and I love to look at them, also by making these the husband may get a hint! Although I wont count on it.

We are off to Bluestone Wales in March, and its very outdoors/activity based which I am so excited about, but I must admit that I do not have the wardrobe to suit and have been looking at a few lovelies to add to my holiday list!

I will link all of these below to their original websites if you fancy a little look.

  1. Right As Rain Joules Coat – Perfect for outdoors wintery/wet weather
  2. New Look Black Leather Backpack – I don’t really own a changing bag anymore, I tend to just shove the nappies and wipes into my handbag, so definitely need a bag I can carry around all the boys bits in and I just love the style and price of this one!
  3. Selfish Mother Jumper – I have been looking at these for a while now and I am desperate to pick myself one up. It would be perfect for our up coming break.
  4. Nikkor Nikon AF-S 50mm 1.8g Lens – I have a standard Lens on my Nikon at the moment, which is ok, but I have heard LOTS of fab things about this lens, so I’m definitely going to be picking this up before our holiday. Especially as I am a bit of a photo addict on holidays!
  5. Original Vanilla POMSKII Hat – How gorgeous are these hats? I absolutely love every single one they sell, they have so many colours to choose from but I absolutely love this Vanilla one, so warm and cosy!
  6. Joules Wellies – I definitely need some better footwear, something more practical and suitable than the leather Chelsea boots I wear day, day out. I absolutely love the Joules range of wellies and these ones caught my eye because I think you could wear them with anything really.

That’s my Lust List for our holiday March, I’ve decided I’m going to do these more often as they’re really quite fun! Who doesn’t love looking around for things they wish they had a money tree for?!


Chloe x

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