Letting Them Be Little

It’s so easy in the blur of the days, weeks, months and years, to forget what is really the most important thing in that moment. It’s so easy to get caught up in our daily lives of cleaning, washing, cooking, and general parenting to remember what are the most important things about our children, its so easy to forget or not get time to make the most out of every single second with these little lives we have been so blessed with.

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Loneliness Of Parenthood

Its real. Its so very real, and I don’t believe its anything to feel ashamed about. I have read and seen a lot on the Legacy of Jo Cox, and I really wanted to share my experience for what is a brilliant campaign.

Loneliness can be crushing and soul destroying, and it is something I feel so strongly about. Not just from a parents point of view, but I have worked within care settings where there are elderly who have no one, day in day out other than carers they are alone with no familiar face to see, and I have seen first hand what it can do to a person, how it can make a person lose hope and faith in the world because they simply see it as they are alone with no one to care whether they are here or not. But that isn’t true. I cared, as I’m sure many others did too.

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Jacob at 15 months

My Little baby, although sadly, you’re probably more toddler than baby, and that makes mummys heart really hurt. I think it’s because you’re probably my last baby, and the fact that you are still so tiny doesn’t help matters. You’re such a petite little man, you still fit comfortably into 9-12 months, though we are getting there slowly. You’re wearing more and more 12-18 month things these days so you are growing my darling, its just a tad on the slow side!


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Saying It As It Is

It seems more often than not lately I’ve felt overwhelmed by lots of different things. I think its a mix of the boys getting older which means that the two of them together can seem a bit of handful. However I think I have to blame that at times I just feel extremely unmotivated and just plain lazy. I’ve felt for a while now that I don’t do enough with my boys, getting them out of the house or just generally playing with them in the day.

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