Letting Them Be Little

It’s so easy in the blur of the days, weeks, months and years, to forget what is really the most important thing in that moment. It’s so easy to get caught up in our daily lives of cleaning, washing, cooking, and general parenting to remember what are the most important things about our children, its so easy to forget or not get time to make the most out of every single second with these little lives we have been so blessed with.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think you can appreciate every single second with your children, and I think its completely human to NOT enjoy every second. I know I don’t. There are so many moments, throughout so many days where I just want them to go to bed so I don’t have to listen to the constant whinge of the 3 year old, or walk around with a 1 year old attached to my hip/leg/foot/arm/head. Some days are just plain hard, unenjoyable and a real test on my sanity if I’m completely bloody honest.

Children Exploring, Sandringham, Norfolk

I often find myself asking why they don’t understand something, why they cant do that yet, wishing that my 1 year old would feed himself because in that moment I just cant be arsed, wondering why my 3 year old must protest at my every decision for him not to have a lolly for his tea, or a chocolate mini roll for breakfast, why they wont brush their bloody teeth without a screaming fit and a full on strop on the floor about getting their shoes on even though 5 minutes ago they protest they want to go out (YOU ARENT A CAVEMAN). It is so VERY easy to get caught up in all these daily battles and mind numbing debates that I forget that they are both still just babies.

Babies who are learning every single day, who yes might protest at brushing their teeth and putting their sodding shoes on, and it makes it no easier to deal with at times, but they don’t understand it all just yet, and I forget that all too often. I think at times I expect them to understand the way it all works, to somehow become mentally 4/5 years older than they are, to just understand that their teeth will fall out if they don’t brush them, or that their feet will cut if they walk around the paths without any shoes on. They don’t understand yet, they don’t get it all quite yet. They are my babies, and I don’t want them grow up, I want them to stay will innocent and small for as long as possible, and I need to tell myself to just let them be little.


Be a bit more understanding when they don’t understand and get frustrated by it, have more patience when the toddler is eating his tea at a rate of item per hour. They don’t want to do the boring stuff like eat tea and bath right now, and although they don’t have a choice in it all, I need to be patient with it. I need to tell myself to slow down with it. I know its annoying at the time, but their will come a time when I wont need to push them to do any of these things, nor will they need my help to do them. They will be grown up and fully able to face the world on their own. For now I need to let them be the innocent souls they are, the littles that don’t have a care in the world. So what if they get in a mess because they throw themselves around in mud on walks, or if they take an age to their tea, or they want to cling to you at inappropriate times. It wont be forever, and I can bet your bottom dollar that I will give anything to have to tell the sodding toddler to brush his sodding teeth whilst wrestling around with the sodding green dinosaur toothbrush.


In fact, I already miss it, and my heart hurts already at the thought of it.
Let them be little forever.

8 Children Exploring, Sandringham, Norfolk

Chloe x

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