An Open-Letter To Our Boys

Finlay and Jacob, my two beautiful, clever & hilarious boys. Where would my life be without you both? Without the constant and overwhelming happiness you bring to both mine and daddys life? You two have definitely captured our heart and souls that’s for sure.

Never did we imagine we could love anything like we love you two. You bring so much into our lives we never knew possible. We learn something new every single day with you two around, things that blow our minds and things we wish we didn’t have to learn too! I can honestly say to you both that although mummy and daddy knew you too would bring so much happiness into our lives, we never really expected it to be this much, its a happiness and joy we cannot possible begin to describe, and its something we will never be able to thank you enough for my darlings.

I want to apologise to you both for the times mummy and daddy get a bit cross with you. We don’t do it to spoil any fun, or because that’s what we want to do. It’s simply the fact that we are trying our very best to steer you right in this big huge world that you face for many years.

You see my sweethearts, this world can be a very complicated place, and although I wish you will never lose your innocence, there will come a point when you realise what this world is really all about, and we are so excited for you to experience it, however we also want to make sure we give you the best possible start we can, and that is why my lovelies, we can seem quite unfair in your world at times. Although I must put my hands up and say that I know there are times when mummy perhaps doesn’t have enough patience, and I apologise for those times, but again, when you grow, and face this life, especially if you ever have little ones of your own, you will know. You will understand, and you too will feel the same guilt I feel. Mummy never means to lose her patience, just sometimes you can both be a bit of handful with your mischievous ways!

Me and your daddy love every single thing about you both. From the way you both DO NOT STOP talking from the minute your little eyes ping open, to the moment you close them. We love the way you both find it hilarious to do laps around the house. The way you’re both in awe of so many things, like the bin men, I mean they are just people who completely mesmerise you! I think our favourite thing about you both is you just love to dance, you are both so musical! You in particular Finlay, you will sing your little heart out and you just love it. We could watch you both for ages.

You both love the park, the way your faces light up as you’re running and climbing around, getting as mucky as physically possible. You are definitely “proper boys”. You hurl yourselves, climb EVERYTHING, eat everything, push each other, and laugh at inappropriate things.

Thats why we love you so much boys. You are you, and for us it doesn’t get any more perfect.

We love you always

Mummy & Daddy x

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