Our Garage Conversion Tour

In May 2016 we decided we were in a position where we could make a big difference to our house and the way we were living. We absolutely adore our house, its a 4 bed detached, and although the upstairs has never been an issue size wise for us, the downstairs always seemed so much smaller with having an integrated garage.

We Orginally we went against a garage conversion. We just couldn’t picture it gaining much space for us. We then had the worry of if we did ever need or want to sell, how much would it affect our value? Would people be really put off by not having a garage? After more research and digging around we decided to go for it. We had a look at the sizes again, how we could make it work, and how it would affect the property. To our surprise knocking through does add value. Yes some people will be put off by it, but if we made the space something to pleasantly surprise people then I believe it could be looked past.

The work began in June 2016. We were finished in October 2016, it took a little longer because my amazing father-in-law did the work for us with Jack helping, and we owe so much to both him and my mother-in-law for all their hard work and patience. As all building work, we hit a few unexpecteds, but nothing we weren’t able to over come. However I’m sure there many days my father in law questioned his reasoning to agree to do it for us! (it was a bit of a pig). I also owe a huge thank you to my parents for letting us live there for 8 weeks with 2 little people in tow, I know they love having us around but 8 weeks is a LONG time.

Our kitchen ran along the back of the garage so we decided to knock the wall down to make a nice big open plan kitchen and dining space, and I must say, its absolutely perfect for socialising.

In the photo below where the cupboard ends on the left of the picture is where the wall used to be.

We had a completely new kitchen which we got from b&q and built and fit ourselves. We decided on a cream kitchen with grey worktops, and white metro tiles.

We had a stainless steel sink before, and I REALLY hate how easily they build up in limescale, so this time around we went for a white ceramic sink, and I absolutely love it! It looks so much nicer than the stainless steel.

These images below are of what used to be our garage, and is now our lovely dining/snug area!

I could not be happier with how it all came together, and it has changed our way of living so much more than I expected! I couldn’t be more grateful to everyone who helped make it possible, especially my father-in-law who worked so so hard, in every single bit of spare time he had, we are forever grateful to everyone!

Chloe x

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  1. Looks fab, ours is being converted into two little rooms one part will be James’ gym and the other half my office so the boys can move into their own rooms upstairs. Can’t wait for it to all be finished

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