Jacob at 15 months

My Little baby, although sadly, you’re probably more toddler than baby, and that makes mummys heart really hurt. I think it’s because you’re probably my last baby, and the fact that you are still so tiny doesn’t help matters. You’re such a petite little man, you still fit comfortably into 9-12 months, though we are getting there slowly. You’re wearing more and more 12-18 month things these days so you are growing my darling, its just a tad on the slow side!


However, though you be but little, you are (extremely) fierce. You are such a character now, with your little babbling, and the way you HATE getting dressed or having your bum changed. I mean I have never known anything quite like it. I have been known to change your nappy whilst placing my feet on your shoulders so you cant move.. (I know that sounds horrific but its gentle and its either that or a smelly bum for the rest of your childhood). You are beginning to get a little temper too! Heaven forbid mummy bans you from the 50th biscuit in a row, though you cant talk yet, my gosh you have a voice, and a death stare good enough to scare off a crime mob. It will never change just how utterly gorgeous you are my boy. Me and your Daddy often worry about you breaking some hearts because you are just so scrummy!

Food.. well there isn’t much to say really because you love anything edible (and non too), you would eat and eat if we didn’t limit you, which is great because as a baby you were a nightmare with your milk, but since weaning began we never looked back! You love a Jam sandwich with some Organix Carrot crisps, and I cant blame you, they are pretty yum! You still have a bottle of milk in the morning and before bed, and although I’m pretty sure id get crucified by the Health Visitor for this, I wont be changing it! If you’re content then so am I. You’ll drink water or squash during the day, you really aren’t fussed. You are just so laid back.

Your favourite toy at the moment definitely has to be mummys sweeping up brush, so I specifically went out and bought you your own, but somehow this doesn’t quite live up to the one that’s 3 x your size and too heavy for you to actually do anything with, but there we go I guess that’s little ones for you. You are so happy to just potter around and play on your own, that I must admit I am a bit guilty of forgetting that at times it would be nice if mummy played too, so I promise I’m working on that and will definitely be making sure we get our play time with your big bro. Who by the way, you absolutely adore. It’s the sweetest thing watching you so in awe of him. You find him absolutely hilarious (especially up to no good), and love to chase him around. I admit though, he is hard not to adore, and he adores you too little man, even when he’s not keen to share the toys!


Bath Time. Well don’t get me wrong, you love splashing around and squealing, but you are a devil for standing up and it gives mummy a bit of a heart attack, even though I am there with you, I just know you’ll fall at some point so excuse me for clinging on to you everytime you make a move! Hair washing however.. Well there isn’t much love for that is there? I cant blame you in all honesty, mummy isn’t a fan either but it just has to be done. I know I seem perhaps a bit heavy handed when I lay you down to do it, but if I didn’t hold you, you would flip over and be face down, so please not that I’m not the worst mummy in the world, I’m really only trying to keep you clean and prevent injury/drowning!

You are such a joy my sweetheart, I love you more than any words would ever be able to describe. I cant wait to keep watching you grow. Although, just slow down a little?

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I love you always

Mummy x


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