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From before I can even remember, I have always been fortunate enough to have been abroad pretty much every year since I was around 3, up until Finlay was 1. Since then we haven’t been abroad and have stuck to little holidays in this country in stead. This has been partly down to Jacob being born, and I just cant face a flight with the little wriggler, but the main issue is that out of no where I have become absolutely TERRIFIED at even the thought of flying. I mean I’ve never really enjoyed it and there has always been a bit of fear there but I’ve never been to a point where I physically cant get on a plane, and if I’m totally honest, it sucks.

I’m not exactly sure what triggered it, but I had a panic attack on the flight back from Mallorca when Finlay was 10 months old, and I’ve never experienced anything like it. There was turbulence and I just lost it, my eyes went black, I felt like I was going to be sick, I couldn’t keep still and I just remember I kept going on and on at the flight attendant about how it ‘wasn’t normal’ for the plane to be shaking. *Hangs head in absolute shame*. How embarrassing! It’s totally out of character for me to act this way and I’m so embarrassed by it, but at the same time, I couldn’t help it. Real fear does strange things to you, and this was definitely that! I don’t think all the evil going on in the world recently has helped but I don’t believe that’s all to blame for it.

I don’t think we’ll be going abroad this year, but I really really want to give it my all to go next year, it’s not fair on Jack and the kiddies to be missing out because of my own issues, so I’m starting early and really trying to motivate and gear myself up to GET OVER THIS BLOODY FEAR!

I thought it’d be a bit of fun to write down some of the places I would dream of going to, so here are my top 5!

Please note the images below are all from Pinterest.

Disney World Florida

Disney world in Florida is a pretty obvious one for me, especially with having two little ones. I’ve been to Disney Paris a fair few times and it was just magical, so I can’t even imagine just how amazing this place is. It’s definitely one of the top places I would absolutely love to experience with Jack and the boys. Maybe one day?


New York City

I’ve been to New York before, and I fell hook line and sinker for it then and have been dreaming of going back ever since. However with having two young ones I don’t feel it’s the right place to take younger children so will one will have to take a back seat on the wish list until they are a lot older. It’s just such a beautiful City.


Stockholm – Sweden

How beautiful is this city? I definitely have a thing for cities at the moment, I think it’s because I’ve been on so many beach holidays in my life I’d love to explore more beautiful cities like this rather than anymore beaches.



Bruges has been on mine and my husbands list since we met but have never gotten round to actually going! It’s just utterly gorgeous, it’s not too far either so maybe I could get there some way other than a flight!




I love Italy in general, it’s a beautiful country. I’ve been to Rome which was gorgeous, but I’d love to explore this place. It’s stunning and would make for a beautiful family break!

Chloe x

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