What Does Parenting Mean To You?

Parenting. The one and only thing we can all safely say changed our lives 100 times over. Parenting is the most rewarding job with the biggest range of emotions and challenges you will ever come to face and experience. Parenting. What does it mean to you? When you really think about it, how has it changed you? How has it become the biggest single thing to ever happen to you?

Parenting to me means that life will never again have a dull moment. Parenting is very much a 24/7┬ádeal. A selfless world where your world as you knew it now means nothing like it did previously. Parenting means spending your entire life dedicated to these gorgeous little miracles which you managed to grow and bring into this huge world. It’s loving like you never knew you could, and equally worrying about things you’d never even given a thought too previously.

Gone are my all topshop wardrobe days. I now live in Primark, F&F, and George. Gone is my make up bag filled with Dior, Estee Lauder & Mac. Gone is the perfect condition of my hair, which is now slightly grey and thin from all the hair tugging and stressful situations. Gone are the days lazing on the sofa doing sweet nothing, but are now filled with never ending house work and pretend play situations. Gone are the partying weekends with the most horrific hangovers, which have now turned into soft play trips, and endless cake baking sessions. Gone is the life I thought I loved, but is now replaced with a life I never imagined.

A life filled with the happiest, scariest, most stressful moments I’ve ever known. My life has become one that may not look appealing to some, but one in which I have never loved more. Parenting is hard, and stressful at the best of times, but its filled with the happiest most joyous moments I never dreamed I could have. Its the fairytale. I now have my family. One husband and two little boys, and my gosh, I couldn’t be anymore smug about it.

Parenting to me means that I have found a happiness and contentment. To me that means I have won in this life, with the best prize imaginable.

What does parenting mean to you?

Chloe x

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