The Siblings Project | February

I cant believe how fast these months are flying by already this year. We’re halfway through February and it seems only 5 minutes ago we were celebrating Christmas! As always, as another month passes I’m reminded that my two babies are growing and although it hurts my heart a little, I just absolutely love watching them both grow and come into their own both individually and as a little team. A team I might add that seem to be getting smarter together and better at concocting plans and mischievousness as brothers!

This month I have seen these two build their relationship so much more. They are chasing each other, laughing together, playing together and getting up to no good together! Jacob is still fairly wobbly on those little feet of his, and we often giggle amongst ourselves about the resemblance of a drunk old man who cant quite manoeuvre his way around objects, or is walking so fast that all of a sudden is met with an object and has two options. Head first into said object, or make a dive a premier league goal keeper would be proud of. I must say, its probably the first option more often than not. We see lots of bumps and the first on scene is more often than not his older brother who you will hear comforting his little brother with words of “oh no it ok baby”, “jacaaa (Jacob) don’t cry, mummy coming”, or the wicked laugh followed by “oh no not again baby, you funny” – probably my favourite.

I just love the way Jacob is fascinated with his older brother, it’s like he hangs on every word that Fin will say to him. He admires his older brother like nothing I’ve ever seen, and although Fin doesn’t always understand “why baby take my toys”, he is extremely patient and caring. Finlay will be the first to tell me when Jacob is hurt, or come rushing to know why he’s crying – “whats happened mummy? oh no he bang his head?”. He will forever want Jacob with him to play, I think this is mostly due to Jacobs lack of knowledge and he can literally get him to do anything, which is ironic really, because I have to put up a full blown fight just for a bum change. But if Finlay says jump off the sofa to your inevitable broken legs then I’m pretty sure that no hesitation would be displayed!

My beautiful boys. You are at times quite the handful, but I wouldn’t change either of you for the world. I want them to forever be fierce with the ability to tackle this big world as a team.

I love these photos. In pretty much every photo I’ve caught Jacob staring at his brother. They melt my heart.

Chloe x

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3 thoughts on “The Siblings Project | February”

  1. Ahhh so precious you can see the fondness of little man to his older brother. I love it. I used to love catching MM staring up at her brother. It’s instant love for siblings. Gorgeous snaps. #siblingsproject

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