How We Prepare For A Long Car Journey

We have done so many long car journeys with the kids. We tend to go down to devon twice a year for a holiday and we’ve visited my sister in law numerous times down in Plymouth too so long car journeys are no new thing for us. From where we live to Devon/Plymouth is around 6 hours which we can seem to manage (although when we get there me and Jack resemble some sort of character out of the living dead) with just one stop about 4 hours into the journey before the kiddies begin to get restless (we all start screaming at eachother). At first it was really daunting thinking about how to keep two children under 3 amused during the journey, constantly thinking we would need to make a million stops totalling 10 hours and two parents who have completely lost their sh*t by this time. However we always get there pretty smoothly and with both children still alive and well!

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